Cats in need of new home

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Some Quad City animals are looking for a new home.

At one time, there were more than 40 cats under one roof at a home in Bettendorf.

28 cats from that home are now under the care of the Scott County Humane Society after being rescued Tuesday.

Ask Lynn Warren if she's a cat person and you'll get this response-

"Of course,” said Warren. “I've had cats my whole life."

Holding out hope a year after her cat Elmo went missing, Warren looked for him Wednesday at shelter.

"As long a shot as it is, I couldn't give up that hope that he might still be around some place," she said.

These cats in cages are part of the group taken from the home on Fairlane Drive.

They were likely taken in by the person living there as strays, according to investigators.

"Clearly people's cats went missing."

For the next week, the shelter will allow people to come in and check out whether or not any of the cats happen to be theirs.

After that point, they'll all be eligible for adoption.

But, first, they must be deemed as eligible.

Battling everything from upper respiratory illness to fleas, the conditions of the cats vary, as Warren found out.

"The first two I saw, they actually impressed me because they seemed to be in pretty good health. But, the more I've looked, the worse they've looked."

While she didn't find Elmo, Warren says he's never far from her mind.

"I will think of him probably for years. He was a sweet cat."

No charges will likely be filed against the Homeowner, Sam Filgo, according to the Scott County Humane Society.

He has been evicted from his home, however.

Bettendorf Police say there's no ordinance that regulates how many animals can be inside a home at one time.

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