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Order of protection report details abuse of Aledo woman days before she died

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Patti Lindquist Eash went to Mercer County authorities and filled out a chilling Order of Protection five days before she and her estranged boyfriend were found dead in her home.

Eash outlined in her own handwriting the reason for requesting the emergency protection order against Tim Meade.

''I was woke up to Tim standing over me saying, '''Patti, it's over'', while he ziptied her wrists and attempted to duct tape her mouth.

''I kept screaming for him to stop, to talk to me. He kept saying ''It's too late Patti, it's over''. I said ''What are you going to do, killl me?'' she wrote, describing the incident.

''He said You're gonna watch me kill myself so hold still or I'm gonna knock you out''.

Eash wrote in the document  that after she started screaming, Meade cut the zip tie with his knife and made her stay up and talk all night, repeatedly telling her ''It's gone too far, you'll go to the cops. There's no going back.''

The 40-year old mother dated the report on June 30th, and it was filed at the courthouse July 2nd.

Three days later, she and Meade were found dead after a fire was discovered at the home they had shared.

The coroner says both were shot.

Order of Protection