Rock Island votes to install more anti-crime cameras

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The Rock Island City Council voted Monday night to installing more surveillance cameras in a high crime district.

The high tech cameras would be deployed in Longview Park and along 15th Avenue on the city's west side. The proposal totals just over $34,000 and includes five cameras, which will be installed in three phases.

The area is in Alderman Terry Brooks' ward. He says he expects the plan to pass and is all for it.

''We've got to do something, anytime you feel bullets coming through your windows,''  Brooks said Monday before the vote.

''Some people are afraid to tell the police what might be going on and hopefuly these cameras might catch some of the people doing things we don't care for,'' he said.

Jessica Deroin lives in the targeted area. She and her three children just moved in a month ago, her house broken into by burglars in broad daylight about a week ago.

"The neighbors saw them kicking in the door. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon. Cameras would definitely be a good choice around this neighborhood',' Deroin said.

Deroin's dad, Anthony Branch says he's all for cracking down on crime, but has some hesitation about the ''Big Brother'' potential.

''The government and state sometimes use technology against righteous citizens. As far as video technology, is it used properly all the time? Who knows?'', Branch said.

But he conceded the cameras may have helped in his daughter's burglary, and helped tracked down the culprit's who stole her television set.

''The persons were seen and everything. If there were cameras we would have had evidence'', Branch said.

Alderman Brooks says the time is now to make law-abiding citizens in the neighborhood feel a little safer.

''Everybody's worried about 'Big Brother', but sometimes I'd rather deal with 'Big Brother' than some of the fools out here shooting guns.''

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