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Keeping cool includes your pet

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The dogs at Pet Pals boarding, grooming and daycare shelter in West Davenport are playing indoors this week because of the high temperatures.

“It depends on the temperature, the humidity and the kind of dogs we have,” said Margee Marsengill, the owner of the shelter.

Dudley happens to be sporting the popular “summer cut,” which 90-95 percent of Marsengill’s customers request for their dogs.

“With the heat and with him playing all the time, we like to keep it short,” she said.

“Think about it, they’re wearing a fur coat and the inside of your car can just get so hot, so quickly,” said Patti McRae, Executive Director of Quad City Animal Welfare Center.

Some people think it’s acceptable to just roll the window down and your pet will be alright inside the vehicle, but that’s not the case, according to the ASPCA, which says the internal temperature inside your car could reach 40 degrees higher than the temperature outside.

“They can die from being overheated,” said McRae.

That’s why local law enforcement considers it animal abuse to leave an animal in a hot car.

Last week, Taylor Dinneweth, 18, was arrested for leaving a dog in his hot car in Scott County.

The Humane Society had to bust his window after someone spotted the helpless animal.

Animal control has the authority to break a motorist’s window, but the average citizen does not.

But, you can call local authorities and if you’re a pet owner, you can give your dog a summer cut to insure your four-legged friends’ safety in the heat.

“We’re booked out on our grooming. We have a waiting list. It’s good to know so many people have that concern for their dog.”

Other things you can do to keep your pet healthy in the heat: give them plenty of water, watch them and if they get lethargic, take them inside and if your dog gets overheated, put them in a pool of cool water.