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County Offices Still in Limbo

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ROCK ISLAND - The Rock Island County Consolidation Committee voted not to recommend one of the four existing options to the entire county board Monday.

This came as a bit of a surprise because the agenda said the commission would make some sort of recommendation to the entire county board.

"To do that, we would need to go to a public referendum," Committee Chair Tom Rockwell said before adjourning the meeting. "That's my recommendation."

Many speculated the committee would choose option three to recommend to the entire board. Option three would move the Rock Island County Courthouse and offices to the existing Quad City Industrial Center, or the 'QCIC' building. LRC Developer Scott Christiansen would lease out part of his facility, so the county can use the space.

"I think the time is now to do something though," Rockwell said. "We have really been doing nothing for well over 20 years."

Thirty people showed up to see whether the county would recommend any of the four options. Many started clapping when they heard Rockwell say he'd rather have the public vote on the options instead.

"There's a lot of loyalty to downtown Rock Island which I understand," Christiansen said. "I just think for the community in general, we need to review things."

Christiansen and Rock Island resident Paul Inman got into a bit of an argument during the meeting. Christiansen says Inman is trying to spread lies about the 'QCIC' facility to keep the facilities from moving out of downtown Rock Island.

"So now it's going to evolve into an argument between you two gentleman?" Rockwell said to both of them during the argument. "Or are we going to proceed with the items on the agenda?"

Inman says he is pleased with the county committee not recommending any of the options. Now the entire county board can discuss what to do at its meeting July 17, or the board can allow all residents in Rock Island County to vote on this as a referendum. To see the Consolidation Committee's entire report, click here.

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