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Move over or lose your license

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The changes to the Move Over Law in Iowa are now in effect.   Starting July 1, any Iowa driver that is ticketed and convicted for failing to move over for an emergency maintenance, or tow vehicle while their lights are flashing and it results in an accident will be fined and have mandatory license suspension.

The maximum fine is $1000 dollars and a year license suspension, given in the event that the accident results in a fatality.  

A driving force behind the law markers decision to toughen the laws was a deadly crash that happened in September.  Two tow truck drivers at Hanifen's Towing in Des Moines were killed by a truck along I-80 while trying to help a disabled semi-truck.

Officials understand that you can't always switch lanes but you are required to at least slow down.  Trooper Dan Loussaert of the Iowa State Patrol says though the law doesn't say how much you have to slow down, 10 mph is a good rule of thumb.

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