Dry Conditions Causing Hazard for Fourth of July

The dry weather conditions around the United States are putting a damper on some area's Fourth of July celebrations.  

Officials have cancelled firework displays in Arkansas and Missouri due to the dry conditions and there was concern that our area was next.  John Norris, owner of Uncle Norm's Fireworks in Oak Grove, Illinois says the none of the shows in our area have been cancelled.  He says the massive storm that came through Friday night helps.  

Norris' is preparing the Red, White and Boom Event happening in downtown Davenport July 3rd.   He tells us though that is an extreme large display, even the smallest firecrackers can cause grass fires.

"Even sparklers, it's an explosive so you want to use caution. you want to make sure that the spectators are at a safe distance," Norris tells us.   "Also, have a bucket of water or a garden hose handy because these condition are perfect for a grass fire."

Proper disposal of the firecrackers is also important.  Norris suggest leaving used protects in buckets of water for a couple of hours before throwing them in a garbage can.


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