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Die-Hards Run “Bix at 6” Anyway

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DAVENPORT - About 12 runners still showed up to run "The Bix at 6" trial Thursday, despite it being cancelled.

"I drove in from Iowa City," runner Tim Murphy said. "I'm going to run the course."

Tim Murphy drove 45 minutes into Davenport. He had no idea organizers had cancelled the event.

"I didn't get that notification," Murphy said. "I like running in this hot weather."

The heat around 6:00 p.m. hit 97 degrees. Nonetheless, the 12 or so runners still made their way up the "Brady Street Hill."

"It's a challenge to do it," runner Bob Thompson said. "I just try to survive it. I've run in the heat before."

Thompson actually brought a water bottle that was attached to his hand Thursday. Others brought bottles of water on their way out of downtown.

''You carry the extra bottle of water just to stay hydrated," Thompson said. "You just take it a bit easier on days like this." 

Many of the racers Thursday take "The Bix" very seriously. Murphy, now 60, wants to finish in the top five for his age group.

"Every race I'm getting faster," Murphy said. "I usually peak during the summer."

News 8 followed the runners as they made their way up the "Brady Street Hill." Once they got there, they made their way through the neighborhoods of Kirkwood Avenue. "The Bix 7" is still set for July 28th at 8 a.m.

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