Summer Projects at St. Ambrose Deliver Economic Impact

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Students may be on break but it is going to be a very busy summer for St. Ambrose University in Davenport.

The school is breaking ground on five projects around campus. The first is North Hall, which crews have been working on since the fall. North Hall will be a four-floor residence hall, providing 204 new beds in both suite- and apartment-style rooms.

The school is also turning three lots on Gaines Street into 130 additional parking spaces. Cosgrove Hall is also getting an addition... a bigger dining space for 100 more students.

The two other projects are renovations to Lewis Hall, which will include new chemistry and biology labs, and a new state-of-the-art data center for the IT Department - located in the basement of the school's library.

School officials say the projects will deliver an estimated $27 million impact on local economy and provide the equivalent of approximately 270 construction jobs.

They say the project will also address some neighbors' concerns about students renting and parking in the surrounding area.

"This is really a part of our strategic plan to pull students out of the neighborhood, get them to live back on campus, and be a good neighbor for the neighborhoods around St. Ambrose," says Mike Poster, Vice President for Finance.

School officials say all the projects should be done by the end of summer.

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