Clinton Catches Biden’s Eye

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CLINTON - The Clinton County Democratic Headquarters did last-minute preparations for Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday.

The Vice President is speaking to the Clinton Firefighter's Association Local 609 around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon. That means the democratic headquarters is making sure they have everything ready.

"I find him to be one of my favorites," Clinton County Democratic Chairwoman Jean Pardee said. "I'm just really excited that Biden among all people is going to be here in Clinton."

Jean made phone calls Tuesday to confirm everybody's seat for Biden. Because the visit is not open to the public though, that job has been a little tough.

"We have to really confirm every single person," Pardee said. "If they're not on the list, they can't get in."

Local fire fighter Chris Melvin will also see Biden Wednesday. He likes the fact that Democrats are trying to keep jobs for union workers.

"Just to see someone with that power is pretty awesome," Melvin said. "Any governor or anything that's way up there that decides to come to a little town like this is very exciting."

The Vice President often comes to bigger towns like Davenport and Dubuque. The campaign said Tuesday that Biden is stopping in Clinton to help open a new Obama headquarters there. Others say these types of stops distract voters from the deficit problem in the country.