Two Campaigns Emerge

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MOLINE - About one hundred people came to Casa Guanajuto Monday night in order to find out about the new immigration program.

The Supreme Court said Monday that Arizona can still check the status of an immigrant that's in the U.S. However, the state can't deport them for being here illegally.

"What brings me here tonight? Hope, hope for everyone," meeting participant Edith Martinez said. "Not just for the youth, but for everyone else too."

The room was so packed at Casa Guanajuto Monday that locals were standing outside the door, waiting to get in. Lawyer Delores Tapia handed out a "Consumer Advisory" sheet Monday which instructed people on how to get "work permits" to stay in the country.

"We just can't let go of our hope," Martinez said. "We still have faith that something more will be done."

Just an hour before Tapia spoke in Moline, Mitt Romney's son Tagg came to the Scott County Republican Headquarters in Davenport. His message though was much different than Tapia's. Tagg talked more about jobs for the entire country, instead of jobs for just immigrants.

"My dad will put getting people back to work as his highest priority," Tagg said to the crowd.

Tagg also says that Democrats are trying to divide the country up into different segments. With President Obama's latest stances on immigration and same sex marriage, Tagg says that Obama's only trying to get their vote.

"Democrats want to divide this country into different groups," Tagg said. "Democrats have a war on women. They have a war on creating all these different factions."

Republican congressional candidate John Archer agreed with the factions. He also did not speak about the immigration issue Monday.

"We've only had a couple of hours to analyze that decision," Archer said. "It's actually sitting on my desk right now."

The Supreme Court's ruling comes after President Obama's change to the immigration policy on June 15th. According to the new policy, undocumented children who came to the country with their parents can't be deported for being here illegally.