Iowa’s biggest jackpot winners want anonymity

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The winning ticket worth $241 million in last week’s Powerball drawing has been validated, but the winners would like to remain anonymous.

The group of 20 is employed by Quaker Oats Co. in Cedar Rapids and work in the shipping department. The winners have formed a trust “The Shipping 20” and plan to request an injunction so their individual identities won’t be revealed.

The Iowa Lottery believes the names should be revealed but is giving the trust 10 business days to seek an injunction before releasing the names.

The group has members between the ages of 35 and 64 who are longtime employees of Quaker Oats. The group chose the lump sum payment, which comes out at $160.3 million. After taxes, each member of the trust will receive about $5.6 million.

Though members didn’t want their full identities made public, some did discuss what they’d do with their winnings.

Mike, who is 55-years-old, has worked at the plant for 35 years and plans to continue working before making any big decisions. “I think it makes my kids be debt-free and that was my main goal,” said Mike.

Fifty-two-year-old Denise has been working at the plant for almost 34 years. She says she plans to help out her adult children with her winnings. Her husband is also a member of the group.

This is the biggest lottery jackpot ever won in Iowa.

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