Romney Tries to Connect

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DAVENPORT - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to Iowa Monday just as President Barack Obama had the month before.

Analysts criticize Romney for not connecting with the public as well as President Obama. Many Romney fans think he's doing just fine at connecting though.

"I'm hoping he's going to do a better job than what Barack's doing," Davenport resident Kathy Kearney said.

Republicans have criticized President Obama ever since he said that, "The private sector's doing just fine." Romney pounced on that Monday in front of hundreds of people, saying that the president doesn't understand the needs of the American people.

"So the president made this comment that things are just fine," Romney said. "And then 23 million people spoke up."

Romney plans on cutting taxes for big corporations to help them create jobs. Democrats think that's a formula for giving tax cuts to the rich though.

"Mitt Romney would actually throw the middle class under the bus," Democratic National Committee member Brad Woodhouse said. "[He would] protect the wealthy people like himself in this country at the expense of hard-working Americans."

No protesters were seen anywhere near LeClaire Park Monday. Instead, the stands were filled with many who want a change in the presidency over the next four years.

"He's making this woman really angry," Kearney said in third person. "This woman's hotter than a fire cracker!"

Romney needed no help motivating Kearney on Monday. Kearney's upset because she's had to take care of her husband the past few months. She claims she's gotten no help from the federal government. On the flip side though, Democrats have hit Romney hard lately too, saying he ranked 47th in job creation as governor of Massachusetts.