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Reynolds bypassed by construction

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Residents in Reynolds have hit a few road blocks.  In the past two days, both the west and north entrances into town were closed.  And the residents say they were the last to know.

One resident, Pat Peterson says no one knows any details of the construction.  “I just want some answers.   I even asked the construction workers and they didn’t know; that was kind of funny.”

But after months of the confusion, the laughter is being outweighed by frustrations.

“With the gas prices the way they are and you have to take 5 to 6 extra miles just to plan your route, it’s frustrating,” Peterson says as he spends the day figuring out the best route for his wife to get to work in Milan the next day.

The residents aren’t the only ones frustrated; businesses on the main drag here into town are feeling the effects of the construction as well.

With customers coming from the Quad Cities, Reynolds Feed and Supply has been doing their best to help navigate through the unpredictable construction, employee Heather Harroun says.  

“Well, I get a lot of phone calls from frustrated customers saying how do I get there,” she says.

Harruon says as a former road construction worker herself, she thinks the Illinois D.O.T. has dropped the ball on the communication.

“I kind of understand both sides of it.  You can’t accommodate everybody, but some signs on the roads would have been very helpful.”

She knows the project will be worth it but in the mean time, the residents seem to be stuck at a dead end.