Detour traffic causes a mother to take action

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As the River Drive construction detour traffic rolls up Iowa Street and fills the area streets, residents are suffering the consequences.

One resident on 6th and LeClaire Streets in Davenport says people are using their streets as a detour route.

"Our street isn't made for detours, it's a 25 miles per hour area," Amy Bell says.

Bell has seen first hand what can happen when people drive too fast down 6th street.  A speeding driver came around the bend on her street and hit a car that then totaled hers.  That's when she decided to take action.

Bell decided to make a sign out of cardboard that reads, 'SPEED LIMIT 25.'  She also stands near the street and motions for people to slow down.  She says she will stand out there as long as she has to in order to keep her neighborhood safe.  She has four sons that play in that yard.

"If you are going 45 and you stop to slow down, you may not be able to slow down and my son is right here playing."

While many see the construction as a hassle, Bell is trying to keep it from being a hazard.