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New side joins Erie book battle

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Some disagree that a book banned by Erie school officials makes any inference to sexual orientation.

The town has been divided since “The Family Book” was banned from the local elementary school by district officials who said references to families with two moms or two dads was too advanced for kindergarten through fourth grade students.

“Certain parts were a little bit young for young children,” said district president Charlie Brown. 

Stacy Bomleny, a parent of two children in the district, disagrees.  She says the focus should be on the anti-bullying message of “The Family Book”. 

“We just want to make sure people realize what the book and the curriculum is about,” Bomleny said. 

Bomleny says the reference to two moms or two dads may not have anything to do with sexual orientation.

“So it can be, you know, if people want to determine it as gay – or if they determine it as a stepmom or a stepdad,” said Bomleny.

Bomleny says the words have been blown way out of proportion and misconstrued. 

"In the book it doesn't really say sexuality, so we're not even teaching them at this age," Bomleny said. 

Now Bomleny is trying to get the town’s attention to fight back and reinstate the book in the schools. 

The next Erie School Board meeting is June 25th