Woman convicted of theft and faking cancer says she is sorry

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Kristin Holzman was convicted of taking thousands of dollars from caring people who believed she was dying of cancer.

Weeks before she is set to be sentenced, she admits she pretended to have the disease, but is sorry and wants to pay the money back.

"Yes, I faked cancer but I did not do it intentionally. But I'm willing to pay everybody back. I would like to personally apologize to each and everyone. I owe that to them. I did not intentionally mean to hurt anyone," Holzman said. 

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She insists she was sick at the time, and blames ongoing seizures and medications for her mental state at the time of the crime.

"I didn't realize the extent of what was going on and I think that was due to the seizure disorder," she said, pointing to 800 pages plus of medical records.  "It all goes back to my seizures. My brain was not functioning properly."

Holzman was convicted in May of theft by deception, and will be sentenced June 28th. She faces up to 7 years in prison for the crime, which devastated the community which rallied around the mother who they believed had terminal brain cancer.

"All I can say is I am truly sorry and I am willing to pay every bit  of this money back. What people don't realize is my own dad died of cancer. I think I deserve probation. I've never been a threat to people. I've never been a danger to society. I definitely learned my lesson. I've been humiliated. I've had everything taken away from me. I don't feel jail is the answer," she said.

"I believe my family has been punished enough. Between the death threats, the hate mail, the fact I can't find a job, we had to move. Just the humiliation of what I've gone though," Holzman said.