Iowa man accused of beating dog with metal pipe

Bongo the dog

Grinnell, Iowa Police say a man beat his neighbor’s dog so severely the dog had to be put down.

Lee Allen Shearer, 30, of Grinnell, was arrested and charged with animal abuse on May 30, 2012.    The charge is a misdemeanor.

Shearer is accused of beating Bongo the dog with a metal pipe after Shearer’s daughter was allegedly bitten by the dog.

“So, he was upset and we understand that, but you can’t over-react and take it out on the dog.  He just went too far,” said Grinnell Police Captain Theresa Petersen.

Bongo was reportedly confined in his owner’s yard at the time of the alleged attack by Shearer. 

Community members are working to organize an animal abuse awareness and education day in Bongo’s honor. 

(WHO-TV contributed to this report)

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