Where to vote in Henry County, Iowa

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Information about updated polling locations for the 2012 primary and general elections.

NORTHWEST PRECINCT (Wayland City Hall) includes – Jefferson Township; Wayne Township residents living west of James Ave; Cities of Wayland, Coppock and Olds.

NORTHEAST PRECINCT (Winfield City Hall) includes – Scott Township and Canaan Township; Wayne Township residents living east of James Ave; Cities of Winfield and Mt Union.

CENTRAL PRECINCT (Wrestling Room at Cottrell Gym) includes– Trenton Township, Tippecanoe Township and Marion Township, Center Township; Cities of Rome and Westwood.

PRECINCT 4 (Cottrell Gym) includes– Mt Pleasant Ward I

PRECINCT 5 (Cottrell Gym) includes – Mt Pleasant Ward II

PRECINCT 6 (Cottrell Gym) includes –Mt Pleasant Ward III

PRECINCT 7(Cottrell Gym) includes – Mt Pleasant Ward IV

SOUTHWEST Precinct (Salem City Hall) includes – Salem Township, Jackson Township; Cities of Salem and Hillsboro.

SOUTHEAST Precinct (New London Community Center) includes – New London Township, Baltimore Township; City of New London.


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