Where to vote in Clinton County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Several Clinton County polling precincts have changed and been renamed after recent redistricting and re-precincting. 

Brookfield Township is now Bloomfield-Brookfield-Delmar

Camanche Township is now Eden-Camanche Township

Eden-Low Moor is now Eden-Camanche Township

Grant Township is now Olive-Grant-Calamus

Hampshire Township is now Elk River-Hampshire-Andover

Washington Township is now Welton-Washington-Welton

State Representative District 97 now includes these precincts:  Bloomfield-Brookfield-Delmar, Camanche 1 and 2, DeWitt 1 & 2, DeWitt Township, Eden-Camanche Township, Liberty-Toronto, Olive-Grant-Calamus, Orange-Grand Mound, Sharon-Lost Nation, Spring Rock-Wheatland and Welton-Washington-Welton. 

State Representative District 98 now includes these precincts: Center Township, all Clinton precincts, Deep Creek-Goose Lake, Elk River-Hampshire-Andover, Low Moor and Waterford-Charlotte. 

Clinton County Precinct Polling Locations: 

 Bloomfield Township – Brookfield Township – Delmar Grossman Hall, 309 Main St, Delmar

Camanche 1st Precinct St Mark’s Methodist Church, 808 3rd St

Camanche 2nd Precinct Church of the Visitation, 1032 Middle Road

Center Township Elvira Zion Lutheran Church, 2207 380th Ave, Clinton

Clinton 1st Ward, 1st Precinct First United Methodist Church, 621 S 3rd St

Clinton 1st Ward, 2nd Precinct Chancy Lutheran Church, 2315 Wallace St

Clinton 2nd Ward, 1st Precinct First Presbyterian Church, 400 5th Ave S

Clinton 2nd Ward, 2nd Precinct Calvary Baptist Church, 1619 2nd Ave S

Clinton 3rd Ward, 1st Precinct Clinton County Courthouse, 612 N 2nd St

Clinton 3rd Ward, 2nd Precinct Ericksen Center, 1401 11th Ave N

Clinton 4th Ward, 1st Precinct Clinton County Administration Building, 1900 N 3rd St

Clinton 4th Ward, 2nd Precinct Church of the Open Door, 816 13th Ave N

Deep Creek Township – Goose Lake Goose Lake City Hall, 1 School Lane, Goose Lake

DeWitt 1st Precinct DeWitt Community Center, 512 10th St

DeWitt 2nd Precinct American Legion Post 238, 704 9th St

DeWitt Township First Congregational UCC, 520 E 11th St

Eden Township – Camanche Township Low Moor Community Center, 211 3rd Ave, Low Moor

Low Moor Low Moor Community Center, 211 3rd Ave, Low Moor

Elk River Township – Hampshire Township – Andover Andover Fire Station, 1367 Washington St, Andover

Liberty Township – Toronto Toronto Fire Station, 200 Mills St W, Toronto

Olive Township – Grant Township – Calamus CALCO, 201 Main St, Calamus

Orange Township – Grand Mound Grand Mound Comm Center, 510 Smith St, Grand Mound

Sharon Township – Lost Nation Sacred Heart Parish Hall, 903 Main St, Lost Nation

Spring Rock – Wheatland Wheatland City Hall, 205 Jefferson St E, Wheatland

Waterford Township – Charlotte Charlotte Activity Center, 115 1st St, Charlotte

Welton Township – Washington Township – Welton Welton Fire Station, 95 Main St, Welton