President Writes Pardon for Boy, 11, Who Skipped School


MINNESOTA — When you skip school to meet the President, chances are your teacher will excuse your absence, especially if you have a letter from the President himself.

President Barack Obama wrote a note, excusing 11-year-old Tyler Sullivan for skipping school last Friday. Tyler’s father, Ryan, introduced the president during his visit to a Honeywell plant in Golden Valley, Minn.

Tyler said it was the first time he cut class and he doesn’t regret it. He told ABC News that when President Obama met him, he said, “Hi, Tyler, you must be out of school then.” He then asked Tyler if he wanted him to write an excuse note. The President did just that, writing, “Mr. Ackerman, please excuse Tyler … he was with me! Barack Obama.”

Tyler said he later framed the note.

(our sister station WDAF contributed this report)

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