Pride Fest weighs in on marriage equality

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The streets of downtown Davenport were filled this weekend with comradery for the 5th annual Q.C. Pride Fest.

The festival comes just a year after a civil union law took effect in Illinois, granting an array of legal protections for same-sex couples that are similar to those of marriage.

Last Wednesday, dozens of couples in Illinois filed lawsuits to strike down a statewide law limiting marriage to a man and woman.  And late Friday night, Attorney General Lisa Madigan stated she supports those lawsuits.  That was the step many LGTB supports were looking for.

“If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.  I think we all just need to keep leading and the leaders are going to finally come along and see that popular support is behind equality for everyone,” supporter Lucia Dryanski says.

The QC Pride Fest is all about a celebration for equality, a right many believe everyone deserve

“We all have the right to celebrate our love and have it honored and also have our government and our country honors it also,” Pride Fest vendor, Dr. Rebecca Bravard says.

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