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Close call for a boat on the Mississippi

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A family had a close call today on the Mississippi after their boat hit an object under water and became stranded.

East Moline, Moline and Arsenal Fire Departments responded to the call after the family called 911.  The first responders eventually towed the family and the boat back to the dock.  No one was injured.

Moline Fire Fighter Jeff Snider checked the boat for proper safety equipment and praised the family for their preparedness on the water.

“This family is a good example of how you should be safe out there on the water,” Snider says.

The children had life jackets on and there were enough on the boat for every passenger.  They had a fire extinguisher as well.  The only thing they didn’t have was a marine radio.  They are not required but can be very useful to alert other boaters when in need.

“Quite often other boaters in the water respond to a boat in distress and get it towed before we even get there.”

Overall, the incident today ended with no problems.  Everyone was safe because the family was prepared which serves as a reminder for everyone.

“Just be safe out there, that way every one has fun,” Snider says.