Friday is Boetje’s Day in Rock Island

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There is ONE staple you need to make sure you have this Memorial Day Weekend... Boetje's Mustard.

Today, Friday, May 25th, 2012 is Boetje Foods Incorporated Day in Rock Island, Illinois. Mayor Dennis Pauley issued the proclamation to celebrate the 123 years the company has been in business in Rock Island.

The stone ground mustard has been around since 1889 and continues to spread its unique taste across the country. When Will Kropp took over the business in 1983, the mustard was in seven states. Today, it's in 28.

Will says there's no big secret to small business success. It's just about standing behind a good quality product.

"We're fortunate that the recipe that was created was done so well and I think if you work hard and give good customer service and your product is consistent then there's a spot for you," says Will.

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