News 8 Helps Mom “Pay It Forward” To Daughter

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On November 27, 2011, a drunk driver's mistake tore Jennifer Davis' life apart.

"The accident took her husband, took their vehicle, took their way of life away from her," says Bonnie Arrington, Jennifer's Mother.

Sitting near the Mighty Mississippi, Bonnie tells News 8 about her daughter, Jen, before that terrible day... a giving woman who had a "pay it forward" passion for cleaning up rivers. It was a love Jen shared with her husband of three years, Donnie Davis.

"They did everything together," says Bonnie. "Everything."

But the day Donnie died, so did Jen's dream. Several broken bones from the accident forced her to stop working and no job... meant no money.

"She's worried about her rent and her lights," says Bonnie. "She's been hitting food pantries and getting food stamps to eat."

Bonnie reached out to WQAD for help and with $300 in hand, she set up a surprise for Jen in the park nearly six months to the day of that horrible November morning.

Surrounded by Jen's friends, sister, nieces, and nephew, Bonnie handed a shocked and surprised Jen three $100 bills.

Through tears, Jen describes how hard the last six months have been without her other half. She says the support from her family has helped her stand back up and this Pay it Forward will help her move forward, too.

"It's going to go towards my rent and hopefully by the grace of God, I'll be able to live there past June 1st," says Jen. "Any little bit helps... It just helps."

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