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Last Ever Last Day of School at Lincoln Academy

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It’s the last-last day of School at Lincoln Academy. Graduating 5th graders receiving their diplomas, an annual– next fall they’ll move on to jr. high. But as those student’s leave they’re not alone - no one’s coming back because Lincoln Academy is closing.

"It's bittersweet because it's the end for Lincoln as a school," says Mary McMeekin Lincoln’s principal.

Students and staff will all make their way to different schools. Today a handful of parents reflected on years of conferences, fundraisers and homework projects.

"It's sad it's going to leave a big hole in the neighborhood here," says Elnita Dillard, mother of 4 Lincoln students.

"I'm sorry see it close down, we had, for lack of a better term, a great run here, I'm really happy with it," adds Kim Friedrich, another Lincoln mom.

This school opened in 1938. In 2005 it became just one of 10 charter schools in the state of Iowa. It’s being closed to help Davenport Schools close a multi-million dollar budget deficit.

"This school has been an icon in this neighborhood," says Dillard.

McMeekin says none of her staff will lose their jobs because of the closing – but they’ll all be transferring to different schools in Davenport.

"It's it's going to be hard. Especially because you make really good friendships as you well know,” she says.

No decision has been made about what will happen with this old school. Some want it renovated into a community center, others, including some parents are holding out hope that someday this building will become a school again.

None of the teachers at Lincoln Academy will lose their jobs because there were enough other teachers retiring at other Davenport Schools that all of Lincoln Academy’s teachers were able to transfer to a new building.