Humane Society asks for help for Trippa’s Surgery

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When a pint size rat terrier arrived to the Scott County Human Society, they knew the dog was special.  They learned she had been hit by a car, and was not able to put weight on her back right leg.  Her leg was shattered and she would need an amputation.

Knowing that this would be the new beginning for the brave dog,  the staff wanted to come up with a name that would really fit.

“We thought this is going to be the start of the trip of a life time so we named her Trippa,” Executive Director, Pamela Arndt says.

But according the Arndt, Trippa was already busy making a name for herself as a great companion among the volunteers.

“I think she is going to be a cuddler, I think she is going to be a little lap dog.”

But Trippa will need an amputation and the surgery is expected to cost the shelter around $500.

In order to help Trippa get the care she needs, the Humane Society is starting a medical fund.  One that will carry on to serve future animals in need.

“We thought Trippa would be a great first dog to start with to start building up a medical fund, so that when we do have these animals we can start treating some of these health issues.

They hope starting this fund will help animals like Trippa find forever homes.

Donations for the fund can be made at the Humane Society in Scott County on West Central Park Ave in Davenport.

Unfortunately, Trippa currently has Parvo Virus and has to be treated for that before she can have the surgery.