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What does minority births surpassing whites mean for education?

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The newest census reports that racial and ethnic minorities surpassed white births in the United States.  When those babies become students, how will schools embrace the change?

English Language Learning Director, Stephanie Jordan sees nothing but positive things to come.

“This is not a problem, it’s an opportunity,” she says.

An opportunity the Moline School District's English Language Learner’s Program has seen coming for years says teacher Lindsay Meeker.

“In this building, just 4 years ago there were probably just 8 ELL students total.   Now we are looking at a total of 39.

ELL students made up a quarter of the kindergarten class in the Moline and East Moline District.  There are 42 different languages spoken throughout the students’ homes.

Lindsay Meeker says every educator should be prepared to overcome those language barriers.

“I think if all the districts can think about building that in to the curriculum versus trying to ignore it, we will all be on the right track.

The census report says that though the makeup of births has changed, the overall number is down.