Recipe for Swordfish “Pork Chops”

BETTENDORF, Iowa - Scott Community College's director of Culinary Arts says fish is a healthy alternative for your family's meal.  And one of the easiest dishes to make includes swordfish.

"You know, this recipe is so simple, so easy, and so good for you."

1. Mix baste of 2 tbsp of Worchester sauce, 1 tsp of Garlic powder, and 4 tbsp of butter
2. Baste both sides of the swordfish
3. Add salt and pepper
4. Add a little lemon seasoning
5. Put on a hot grill, 3 minutes each side
6. Cook until it's medium done

"The key is the cut," says Chef Scott. "See how it looks like a pork chop bone? Firm, delicious, and so good for you."

"Swordfish that rivals the pork chop in the Quad Cities. Can you believe it?  Enjoy!"


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