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Neighborhood reacts to triple shooting

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Two of three shooting victims are in a Peoria hospital after a shooting early Sunday morning at the 1200 block of 13th Avenue in Moline.

As police continue to investigate, neighbors are reacting with shock and disbelief.

"It just seems scary," said Gloria Lopez, who lives in the area.

Neighborhood Watch signs reflect what she says is reality in this neighborhood.

"We keep an eye on each other," said Lopez.

News of a shooting outside the home so close to them comes as a shock to both Gloria and her sister in-law, Ann.

"Oh, my goodness," said Ann Gomez.

The party, thrown Saturday night by a college student living with his mom, quickly got out of control.

The huge crowd, which has been estimated at 50 or more people, is being attributed, in large part, to Facebook posts directing people to the home.

Now, days after the shooting, police tape serves as a visual reminder for neighbors to be vigilant in order to keep crime out of their neighborhood.

"You see it all over, it's happening all over," said Gloria.

Detective Scott Williams, of the Moline Police Department, says officers were called out earlier in the evening on a disturbance call and promptly responded when called out after the shooting at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

"I think the arrival time was good,” said Williams. “Without a doubt, you know, it's a busy time of the night. But, as soon as there was a call of shots fired, all the officers responded, detectives were in short order, literally everything stopped at the police department and that became the focus of everything."

Nevertheless, worried neighbors like Ann and Gloria, will be keeping their own eyes out for trouble.

"You're living different than you used to. You can't leave your doors unlocked."

The area’s Neighborhood Watch group plans to meet Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Meanwhile, investigators need all the information they can get from the public.

You can call Moline Police at (309) 524-2140 or Crimestoppers at (309) 762-9500.