Students Scrappin’ for Cash

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The students of All Saints Catholic School have found a way to turn your junk - into cash.

"I'm always kiddingly say 'We're different hear at All Saints for many reasons. We're not selling candy bars we're having a scrap metal fundraiser,'" says All Saints principal Jeanie Von Feldt

Del's Metals will process all the scrap and then take all the profits and give them back to the school.

"Bring anything that's metal, doesn't matter what it is we'll make sure it's disposed of properly," says Christina Caldwell of Del’s Metals.

"Wire, metal desks, file cabinets, I just had somebody call and say would you take my hot water heater, I said of course," explains Von Feldt.

Caldwell is one of the driving forces behind this scrap metal drive. She works at Del's Metals, and is the mother of two girls at All Saints. She says fundraisers like this

"That makes tuition go up and it's less things that our kids need to get an education. So the more the community can help us the better things are here at the school," says Caldwell.

The price of scrap metal remains relatively high, meaning that just one pickup load of old junk can net some serious cash. So students and staff are green amid this growing pile of junk.

"I want to see my bookkeeper have a great big smile on her face on Monday. People are excited because this time of year they want to clean out their garage and to help our school they think it's a win win deal for everybody," says Von Feldt.