Trendy and traditional ways to announce baby’s gender

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20 weeks is the magic number when you are expecting a baby.  It is the time when you get to decide if you want to know the gender of your unborn child. Erin and Camye with the Quad City Moms Bloggers displayed some trendy and traditional ways to let everyone know if the baby is a boy or a girl.

Erin just had her daughter, Harper, a few months ago.  She and her husband decided to let the baby's gender be a surprise until delivery.  However, she says she used the old-fashioned wedding band trick and every time it revealed she was having a girl.  The wedding ring gender test is where you take your ring and tie it to a string.  Hold the string above your belly.  If it sways back and forth you are having a boy.  If it sways in a circular motion you are having a girl.  Of course, it is just for fun but for Erin and her husband it worked like a charm.

Among the more trendy ways to discover the gender is to place dozens of balloons in a box.  If you wish to keep it a surprise for yourself then have the store or a friend pack it for you.  The balloons should be either pink or blue.  If you decide to keep it a secret from yourself, make sure to have the doctor write what the baby is and place it in an envelope that you can give to the person putting the surprise together.  Then, gather family and friends or have a photographer shoot the big reveal!

Another popular idea is to fill a pinata.  Have friends take turns trying to hit it or just the future mother.  Once it breaks it spill the beans on a boy or a girl because it is filled with pink or blue candy.

For sophisticated expectant moms having a cocktail party is a fun way to celebrate the news.  Decorate the house in pink or blue and have a "featured drink" to offer guests who come to take part.  Remember, to have some pink or blue lemonade set aside for yourself.

Other popular ideas include writing your children a card and letting them open it or filling cupcakes with pink or blue frosting.  Check out the video for additional ideas.

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