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Davenport Habitat build inspires women volunteers

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Dozens of hard working ladies are stepping up to help Habitat for Humanity. In honor of National Women Build Week, Lowe's is helping these volunteers to build a house.

"I would call this home a labor of love," said Rita Ramos, a single mom with two kids who plans to move into the home in August. 

Pounding hammers lead the way to this build site.

"I'm using a hammer," said volunteer Lynn Bryant. "We don't usually do that."

That's where two dozen women volunteers team up with Habitat for Humanity. They're turning a lot of hard work into a home. On a bright, sunny Thursday, there's a lot of progress.

"Just Tuesday, this was just a hole in the ground," said Kristi Crafton, Habitat's executive director. "We've already raised our first wall."

Deep in the basement, Ramos works on her new home. She can't believe the kindness of new friends.

"It's just amazing," she said. "It's a miracle."

This hands-on work is really a lesson about construction and caring. It's a mission from Habitat for Humanity that keeps neighborhoods growing.

These volunteers come from all walks of life and a variety of organizations. They're all united in this special task.

"We all want to say that we helped out, and helped someone get a home that ordinarily wouldn't have it," Bryant said. "That's the bottom line."

One wall at a time, it's a positive experience. These are helping hands that accomplish a lot.

"They feel like they're doing something for a purpose," Crafton said. "And that they are making a difference. Every one of them is making a difference."

It's a difference that homeowner Rita Ramos will never forget.

"For what they have done for us, for me and my children, it's really amazing," she concluded. "I can't thank them enough for that."