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River Drive closure to end

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UPDATED May 14:  Davenport city officials say River Drive will reopen to traffic at 4 p.m. Monday, May 14, 2012. 

Crews worked over the weekend to minimize the project's impact on weekday traffic.

One westbound lane will remain closed as crews continue to lay the new sewer line.

UPDATED MAY 10:  Davenport city officials say work to connect the sanitary sewer will take longer than expected, keeping River Drive closed to all traffic until "sometime during the week of May 14th - 18th." 

Traffic troubles plague parts of Davenport as crews continue work on a section of River Drive.

It closed Wednesday morning and it's causing a headache not just for drivers, but for neighbors in the area where traffic is being detoured.

"They're speeding through like they're on River Drive," said Marky Dircks, who lives on Grant Street in the affected area, where car after speeding car are causing problems.

The city's detoured traffic for the next couple of days as a sewer is repaired on River Drive.

"I wasn't prepared for this,” said Dircks. “I thought they were going to divert up the street and up Bridge Avenue."

Dircks worries the volume of traffic driving down her street will put the safety of some of her most vulnerable neighbors at risk.

"We have two twins right now who are four and a half, five years old,” she said. “Baby is across the street, this is crazy."

Detour signs along the way guide cars through the winding neighborhoods adjacent to River Drive.

On Wood Lane, at the intersection of Greenwood and Grant, there's no detour sign.

You can go either left, right or straight. At this point, since there's no sign, you have to rely on your instinct to get you to where you need to go.

That's caused some confusion.

Even neighbors like Dircks are being inconvenienced trying to get to their own home.

"It's about 20 cars deep. I can't even get home to get to the turn."

Things should get back to normal on Friday, when that section of River Drive is expected to reopen to traffic.