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Kelly Osbourne’s got ‘baby fever’

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By Tomika Anderson, Special to CNN

(CNN) — Kelly Osbourne might soon be tempted to follow in her brother Jack’s footsteps and right into parenthood.

The “Fashion Police” co-host has said that she’s been wanting a little one of her own ever since she met her newborn niece, Pearl, two weeks ago.

“I’ve got baby fever after I saw [her],” the new aunt said Wednesday on Anderson Cooper’s daytime show, “Anderson.” Little Pearl Clementine was born on April 24.

“I have to tell you, I never believed in love at first sight,” the 27-year-old shared. “And then when I saw how perfect and beautiful this baby was and is, I lost it. I cried more than anyone else.”

She’s so in love, the TV personality says she’s going to have a hard time obeying her family’s lecture about not spoiling Pearl.

“I’m under strict instruction not to spoil her,” she said, “but I don’t think that’s going to stick.”

As far as one day becoming a parent herself, Osbourne said she thinks she’d make a good one – mainly because of the example her own mom, Sharon Osbourne, set.

“I’d be the best mum ever. I would,” she said. “I’ve got great training from my mum.”

And the newest edition of the Osbourne family is already competing with the rest of the clan for media attention.

Baby Pearl recently made her debut on the cover of HELLO! magazine flanked by her dad, mom Lisa Stelly, and grandma Sharon.