Iowa’s commute better than U.S. average


Iowans have the seventh-fasted average commute in the U.S. according the data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

The national average commute is 25 minutes and Iowans reported an average commute of 19.1 minutes – nearly six minutes less than the national average.

Kansans reported the same 19.1-minute commute.

The Des Moines Register also reported 79% make that trip alone.  Ten percent carpool, one percent use public transportation, and less than four percent walk to work.

The shortest average commute in Iowa is in Sioux County, where the average trip is 12.3 minutes.  The longest is in Madison County, where Des Moines is located, with an average of 29 minutes.

The shortest commute in the U.S. is in North Dakota, where 16.1 minutes is the state average.

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