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Radiologist Testifies In Holzman Trial

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For the last three days, a jury inside the Henry County Courthouse in Cambridge, Illinois has heard from former friends of Kristin Holzman, testifying that she told them she had brain stem glioma. On May 3, 2012, prosecutors brought in a doctor who says medical test results show that wasn't true.

Holzman, from Geneseo, Illinois, is accused of faking cancer for more than $10,000 in donations. She faces one count of “theft by deception of up to $100,000” and up to seven years in prison, if found guilty.

On Thursday, Dr. Nathan Durick took the stand. Dr. Durick is a Radiologist with Advanced Radiology out of Moline.

Dr. Durick described the seriousness of brain tumors and explained that brain stem glioma is an aggressive tumor that is inoperable, very invasive, and the prognosis is usually grave. He was also given a series of radiology results from CT Scans and MRI scans Holzman had done in August of 2010 and also one from January 2012.

Dr. Durick testified that all the tests were normal and that there was no evidence of any tumors, diseases, abnormalities, cancer, or mental illness.

Prosecutors may have one more witness -- another medical professional -- before they are expected to rest their case later today.

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