Ag in the AM: Heavy Rains Concern Iowa Farmers


AMES, Iowa – Farmers needed some rain but sometimes they get too much of a good thing.

The rain isn’t just keeping some of the planters stalled, it can also cause erosion in fields.

It’s a real possibility right now because of early fieldwork and spotty heavy rains.

Parts of northwest Iowa have seen heavy enough rains to put early seedings at risk.
The other problem is erosion. also reports a heavy rainstorm may splash as much as 90 tons of soil per acre.

And more problems could occur as the ground dries out.  Quick drying of the land could create crusting, a hard layer in the top two inches of soil which can also hamper crop emergence in some fields.

All of these dangers could force farmers to replant, costing more money and stopping any progress that was made by the early start to the planting season.

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