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Holzman Trial Day 3: “If I can’t have cash I don’t want it.'”

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Wednesday hundreds of residents of Geneseo, Illinois got what they've been waiting for: Kristin Holzman in tears. Late this afternoon during testimony from Art Hooker, an evangelical Christian form Orange Grove, Florida, Holzman broke down and began crying. Hooker is the only person to take the stand who's testified that Holzman told him she never had cancer. The whole time Kristin had been faking cancer Hooker had been offering support and prayers. Hooker also runs an evangelical outreach organization known as Art Hooker Evangelical Association which provides financial support to those in need. His group had donated more than $3,000 to Holzman the largest donation in his group's history.

"She started crying and said she never had cancer. She had been told by her doctor during those seizure events that the brain stem glioma, the exilepsy or some other event could be causing this, or some other illness could be causing these events. And because of the mental disorder she had latched on to the brain stem glioma. To the best of my recollection I believe the actual words out of her mouth were when she started crying were I never had cancer," says Hooker.

Holzman made this confession to Art Hooker after she was facing felony theft and obstruction of justice charges. She also asked Hooker and his organization to send a letter stating that they made the donation to her based on financial need and not based on any perceived illness. She said this is because if their gift wasn't based on the premise of her cancer the chances of her begin sentenced to jail time would be very slim. Hooker's group ultimately told Holzman no, they wouldn't lie for her.

Several other witnesses testified they were duped into donating to Kristin Holzman. With every one of the witnesses that takes the state the prosecution appears to be painting a picture for the jury of just how widespread this alleged scam had spread. All testified that Kristin Holzman had deceived them and used their money for her own personal pleasure. But despite the widespread lies, cracks began forming in Holzman's story, and eventually everything began to unravel.

"Ever said to you, I didn't really have a brain tumor. No. Did she say anything to you to correct the impression that she was going to die. No," said Amanda Baumgartner a self-proclaimed former best friend of Holzman.

"There was some talk around town that the cancer was not indeed true. Sorry this is not my language, specifically what was said was 'F--- that. If I can't have cash I don't want it,'"
says another of Holzman's former friends Kristie Leachman.

The prosecution is expected to wrap it's case up by midday Thursday.