Dixon Article Shows Questions Since ’04

DIXON - A newspaper article from four years ago sheds light on the financial situation in Dixon, Illinois.

Dixon's newspaper called "The Telegraph" wrote an article back in May of 2008 saying that financial records for the city had been in question since 2004. The city was reportedly not making money from a tax district like it should have been.

The article states that $58,000 were in question in 2007, and $51,000 were in question in 2008. Former Park District Commissioner Bob Gibbler says he noticed flaws in the city's account a year ago when he was running for mayor.

"Money was being shoveled around like a shell game," Gibbler said. "But we could never see what was being spent. It was moved around, but we could never see what was being spent."

Gibbler did lose the mayoral election to current Mayor James Burke. Burke has held the mayoral position since 1999. News 8 did speak with Burke on the phone Wednesday. He denies knowing anything about the missing money since the investigation began this April.

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