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Holzman Trial Day 2: “I felt really bad I didn’t believe”

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Day two of the Kristin Holzman trial picked up right where it left off Monday evening. The prosecution called a total of nine witnesses to the stand.

The list included former friends of Holzman, people who did business with her, donated to her recovery fund, and a former co-worker. All of them stated they truly believed Holzman had cancer, though each of them agreed they began to have some doubts - particularly when they began asking specific questions about her cancer and her treatments.

Despite their suspicions each of them donated time and or money, often hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time.

"I felt really bad I didn't believe that she was sick so I went to Fairway and got her a $500 dollar gift card and I wrote her a note. I told her that no matter what happens her and the girls would always have food in the house and I would see to it that they wouldn't go with out it," says Janet Vanderschaaf.

Jurors were slated to hear a taped interview between Geneseo, Illinois police and Holzman, but a motion to suppress that tape may keep that off the record.

Holzman's defense lawyer contends she was never read her full Miranda Rights before the interview was conducted.

Prosecutors and the defense lawyers will get a ruling on the taped interview Wednesday morning.