Ag in the AM: Corn Planting Well Ahead of 2011

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Farmers got almost five full days in the field before rain kept them from planting their crops.

The cool weather has slowed some of the growth but Illinois farmers now have 79-percent of the corn crop planted. That's up from just 59-percent last week and is way ahead of last year.  13-percent of the Illinois soybean crop is planted.

Iowa farmers have half the corn crop planted and it's a little slower (44%) in our region right now.

The rains have helped a lot.

92-percent of Iowa farmers say top soil moisture is good, some saying they're seeing too much rain. 72-percent of Iowa farmers say their subsoil moisture is adequate to too much.
In Illinois, eight in ten farmers (82%) say their soil has enough moisture in it right now.

Three quarters (76%) say the subsoil is wet enough too.