Holzman Trial Day 1: Insanity Plea

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Day one of the Kristin Holzman trial has been a busy one. A jury of 12 has been selected, they've heard opening arguments from the defense and prosecution, as well as testimony from two women calling themselves former friends of Kristin Holzman. Holzman is accused of faking what she called "stage two brain glioma" saying she had tumors on her brain stem and the cancer was inoperable.

Holzman's defense lawyer claimed she was sick during the summer of 2010, just not with cancer. The defense says her sickness two years ago caused her to be criminally insane at the time.

"She did not have the 'mens rea,' the intent to be criminally responsible for the actions that she is charged with. She did not understand the nature or the consequence of her actions or right from wrong. That's why she plead that she was insane at the time of the events," says defense lawyer Jack Schwartz.

Friends and family of Holzman raised more than $15,000 while under the impression she had brain cancer.

"I was under the impression that I should feel very sorry for her and her little girls because they probably wouldn't have a mother for very much longer," says Amy Howard, a former friend of Holzman.

An investigation ultimately determined Holzman never had cancer and she was using the money raised by her community for shopping trips, to pay for meals at restaurants, and things like tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert.

Holzman is facing one charge of felony theft, and faces up to seven years in prison. Her trial resumes Tuesday morning at eight a.m.