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Construction to Start on John Deere Road

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MOLINE - The Illinois Department of Transportation officially denied large amounts of funds to an I-74 project Monday.

"I drove it last night coming home from work," U.S. representative Bobby Schilling said. "It's actually kind of scary."

The project there now would not start until at least 2019. But the savings allow for minor projects across the area to begin, like one at John Deere Road.

"I think that's a good idea," one local told News 8 about a construction project at John Deere road.

Illinois will be widening the road to make things less congested.

"It's already good with four lanes," one local told News 8. "It will be even better with six."

There's currently construction at 53rd Street and John Deere Road, but soon there will be much more construction all across the street. Even if that will cause many backups in the process, some think it's worth the wait.

"I think they need it," one driver told News 8. "There's a lot of congestion here."

Construction on John Deere Road will go from 16th Street to 70th Street. The project starts in 2013 but won't finish until 2018.