Community rallies after gay pride flag is burned

Last month, the gay pride flag on Duwayne Brooks' porch was lit on fire and today members of the community joined together to hold a rally in response to the crime.

Music and food was enjoyed at the Jamieson Community Center for Duwayne just days after an arrest was made.  Kaleb Sells, 18, was charged with criminal damage to property and is now out on bond.

Members of the community say they are outraged at the fact that someone would do this and the rally was held to show Duwayne that he is supported.

"Duwayne is a man of integrity and you just cant find a better person," organizer, Dawn Plotts says.

The case has not been considered a hate crime as of yet.  Duwayne says the support from the community means more than just a specific charge.

"It shows that something wonderfully positive can come from something so negative," Duwayne tells us.


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