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I-74 Bridge Construction Delayed

MOLINE - The Illinois Department of Transportation said Friday it's delaying construction to improve the I-74 Bridge because of a lack of funding.

Total, the project is expected to cost about $1.4 billion. The federal government can only give about $560 million to the project. The rest of the money is supposed to come from Illinois and Iowa.

"Hopefully I'm going to be getting out of here in a year or two when I find the right job," one resident told News 8. "I won't have to deal with I-74."

For others though that don't plan on leaving town, the construction delay is a little more important.

"One's got to concede to the other," Illinois resident Pete Peterson said. "The other guy's got to concede to the other."

Peterson's referring to the federal government and the state of Illinois. On Monday, officials from both Iowa and Illinois met up to talk about how to pay for the bridge. While the two states seem to have patched up their differences, now Illinois is asking the federal government for more money.

Construction of the bridge was supposed to begin in 2016, but it will now be delayed for a certain amount of time. The Illinois Department of Transportation would not comment on how long the construction delay will be.

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