Construction on Credit Island Moving Fast

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Thank Mother Nature. Construction is moving quickly on a number of projects in the Quad Cities, including a major one on Credit Island in Davenport.

Crews are building a recreational trail bridge connecting the Island to S. Concord Street. Gene Hellige, City Engineer of Davenport, says a mild winter and warm spring has put the project five months ahead of schedule.

"Construction wasn't supposed to start until April, but contractors began work in December," says Hellige.

Because of the jump start, the bridge may be used by bicyclists and pedestrians as early as July.

The project has been in the works for some time as a way to connect Credit Island with the American Discovery Trail and the Mississippi River Trail.

Hellige says it's also part of the city's new vision for the park.

"It will get more people on the island, making it a more public space, but also the Parks Department is doing a lot of work to change the type of park on Credit Island to be more of a wilderness park and that, I think, will be very attractive for people bicycling through," says Hellige.

The bridge is a nearly $1.8 million project. Most of the money comes from a Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant.

Two other major projects in Davenport have wrapped up this week. Harrison Street south of River Drive is now open and Locust Street is back open between Marquette and Warren Streets.