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New ordinances may cancel annual block party at Western Illinois University

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New ordinances may have thwarted plans for the annual Wheeler Block Party in Macomb, Illinois on the campus of Western Illinois University.

The annual party got out of hand last year as more than 3-thousand students clogged Wheeler Street, leading police to call in a riot squad.

The scenes that make the party infamous are still all over YouTube, but this year Macomb Police don't believe history will repeat itself.

New ordinances are in place to control large parties. A mass gatherings ordinance requires a permit, along with other special provisions like security guards, bathroom facilities, and fencing to control parties that will have more than 150 people.

Macomb Police say no permits have been issued for the 300 and 400 blocks of Wheeler Street for this weekend. Students who live nearby say they are hearing different things about whether or not the party will happen. Others say they have already chosen not to participate.

Either way, police say any large party with more than 150 people will be broken up along that or any other street, if it doesn't have a permit.