Locals Protest Obama Visit

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IOWA CITY - President Barack Obama made his case on why student loans should not increase. On July 1st, interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans will double if Congress doesn't pass a bill stopping it.

"This is about job security," Obama said. "This is about your future."

Toddlers, students, and even adults came to the Field House on the University of Iowa campus.

"There's people here who I know that aren't even Democrats who are excited to hear him and what he has to say," Iowa student Bria Davis said.

There were also Republicans and Ron Paul supporters outside the Field House. Some of the Ron Paul supporters think he still has a shot at winning the Republican election.

"Ron Paul won Iowa's delegates," supporter Joey Gallagher said. "It's most likely going to be a brokered convention, and anything can happen in a brokered convention."

Rick Santorum ended up winning Iowa's presidential caucus and not Ron Paul. Iowa delegates for each Republican candidate will not be finalized until later this summer though.

Obama even took a quick impromptu poll Wednesday in front of the large crowd. He asked the students how much they would like it if student interest rates increased.

"I know a lot of freshmen here that are excited about the election," Iowa Student Elisa Martinez said. "They're of age now to vote, so talking about something that relates to them is a good idea."

Obama is trying to sway back voters before the July 1st deadline. A 2010 survey said college graduates average about $25,000 in total debt once they get out.