Honor Flight To Return Home

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MOLINE – The Honor Flight of the Quad Cities is returning home around 10 Tuesday evening at the Quad City International Airport. Dozens of friends and family members are expected to welcome them back there.

The honor flight takes World War II veterans from the Quad City area to Washington D.C. for a one day trip to honor them for their service. This is the first flight from the Quads to D.C. this year. Total though, it’s the 18th flight for the Honor Flight of the Quad Cities.

The flight left around 4 Tuesday morning. It was the first flight that allowed Korean War veterans to attend.

“I think it’s excellent,” one veteran told News 8. “I don’t know how long before the Vietnam Vets will be going, which will be great.”

Interesting enough, the next honor flight will be on May 22nd. More than 150 Korean War Veterans are expected to go on that trip.